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Participating in RAGBRAI, be it as a pass-through community or an overnight town? There are things you should do before - and during - the big event!

  1. Inspect all primary roads, sidewalks and walking surfaces. Be on the lookout for any cracks, potholes or uneven surfaces, and repair wherever necessary. Where possible, clean the area(s) so it is free of any loose gravel or foreign debris.

  2. Coordinate a current, updated Emergency Response Plan with the designated Emergency Management Agency. This plan should include designated emergency shelters in case of inclement weather.

  3. Communicate. The local fire department and EMS should be fully aware of this event and ready to go in an emergency situation.

  4. Inspect. Temporary electrical setups should be inspected by a qualified electrician. Walking paths should be evaluated to ensure adequate lighting and safety. Designated campsites should be inspected and secured. Trees along the route and around campsites should be evaluated and, if necessary, any loose or rotten branches should be removed.

  5. Require certificates of insurance. These should be provided to the city by all outside vendors and/or organizations participating in community. In addition, the city should obtain a list of all items being sold.

  6. Require current Health Department Certificates. These should be provided - and posted - by all food vendors. Vendors selling alcohol should have a current liquor license in place.

  7. Secure the areas. Beer gardens should be secured and monitored to prevent underage driving and/or excess consumption.

  8. Monitor. The beer garden isn’t the only area that requires looking after. Ensure sanitary stations and garbage removal are adequate and maintained. Work with local police and the county sheriff’s department to ensure a strong law enforcement presence.

Please note the items listed above are just a few of the areas that should be considered for RAGBRAI. ICAP’s Risk Control Specialists are available if your entity has questions or requires assistance.