Member owned and operated.  Since 1986.

ICAP provides property and casualty coverage to nearly 800 Iowa public entities, including 73 of Iowa's 99 counties, but that's not all.  We're more than that.  

We're a group self-insurance program for Iowa public entities, and we provide coverages and services tailored to our members' exclusive needs.  

The diverse membership of the Pool includes Iowa cities, counties, townships, 28E organizations, emergency management agencies, empowerment boards, county fairs, transit authorities and more.  Each and every ICAP members benefits from the comprehensive coverages and extensive services that ICAP affords.

ICAP is headquartered in Iowa and has representatives located throughout the state.  We partner exclusively with local insurance agents, and work tirelessly to build and maintain our relationships with them.

Our local presence and hands-on approach means we are in touch with Iowans - we are Iowans - and we both know and care about what is happening in our member communities.

ICAP is endorsed by the Iowa League of Cities, the Iowa State Association of Counties and the Association of Iowa Fairs.