ICAP Legal Access is a free legal consultation service provided exclusively to ICAP members.  The ICAP Board of Directors recently passed a resolution to extend the time allowance for this service, which means every member of the Pool is now eligible to receive up to 300 minutes of free legal consultation per year.  

Such consultation can be utilized in any one, or combination of, these areas:

  • Employment Law, such as hiring, discipline, termination, employee handbooks, discrimination, and wage & hour investigation;

  • Zoning and land use, such as constitutional takings and regulatory exactions;

  • Open records and open meetings laws;

  • Indemnification provision review in contracts, including what the provisions means and any recommended changes; and

  • Attorney-to-Attorney consultation resource, which allows for consultation between city and county attorneys representing ICAP members and the municipal law specialists at the Hopkins & Huebner Law Firm.

ICAP members seeking legal consultation services in any of these areas may call 1-877-303-ICAP, provided the individual calling is authorized by a member entity to use this service.  Once membership, authority and area of inquiry have been confirmed, the caller's information will be provided to Hopkins & Huebner, P.C., a full-service law firm.  An attorney will then contact the member directly.

Handling attorneys will track the time utilized by each ICAP member and send notice when the 300-minute time limit has been reached.  If a member uses the 300 minutes pursuant to ICAP's Legal Access service and desires additional services from Hopkins & Huebner, P.C., such services may be provided at the member's expense.

Please note: the legal consultation services provided to ICAP members via ICAP Legal Access is subject to the Legal Consultation Policy. To view the policy, please click here.

Hopkins & Huebner, P.C. is a full-service law firm with offices in Des Moines, the Quad Cities and Adel.  The firm is comprised of lawyers with experience in a number of legal areas, including employment and municipal law.