Public notices.  Utility services.  Road closures.  Special events.  

These are just a few of the things Iowa public entities communicate to the general public on a daily basis.  But what happens when something occurs that is, let’s say, not of “the norm?”  How does your entity communicate about a tragic event?  What do you say - and when?  

What happens when the media calls the city clerk, fair secretary or county supervisor asking for a quote?  And what happens when a coworker disagrees with what’s said?

These are a few of the many issues we’ll address at ICAP’s upcoming Educational Summit, which will be held Thursday, June 14, at the Johnston Hilton Garden Inn.

Harassment, discrimination, and other aspects of communicaiton have been hot-button topics as of late - and for good reason.  Through this educational seminar, we aim to help ICAP member representatives understand and navigate select situations in and around the workplace.  Specific topics for presentations include communicating with the media, interacting with disgruntled coworkers, discussions between management and employees, and more!

Given the relevance and importance of the presentation content, the 2018 event will be split into two separate educational tracks - one for all public entity representatives and one specifically for those in HR. 

Space will be limited and advance registration required for both tracks, and a maximum of one representative per entity will be permitted to participate in the HR track, which will have a maximum head count of 50 attendees.

Patrick Dix, Vice President of Public Relations for SHAZAM, will headline the event, with other noteworthy individuals presenting.  Please visit to learn more.

All ICAP member representatives are invited to attend the one-day event, which will be held at the Hilton Garden Inn in Johnston.  Non-member representatives may attend for a $20 pp charge.