We're Blogging! Here's Why.

Every year, we – a team of Iowans and ICAP representatives – get together to discuss the ways we can better communicate with you.  You – our members, our agents, our people and our team.  We toss ideas back and forth, we turn them over in our hands; we push, stretch and pull them to find out what breaks, and we implement only what withstands the rigors of our developmental process.

Okay, that’s all a lie.  We simply ask you – our members and agents – what you want, and, to the extent possible, we respond with solutions and services customized to meet your needs.

In recent months, we’ve received feedback suggesting you want information related to real-life claims scenarios, as well as recommendations on how to handle them.  You want loss control tips on how to prevent such claims; you want underwriting recommendations to make sure you are covered for them; and you want suggestions on what you can do to help expedite the processing of a claim.

We figure the best way to give you what you want is to offer it – straight from the horse’s mouth.  And so we’ve created this blog.

Here, you’ll find postings from representatives of all ICAP departments.  You’ll also find articles and musings from several outside professionals, including attorneys that work with Iowa municipalities.  And you’ll find an opportunity to really get to know the ICAP team.

Our goal is simply to provide for you.  

We aim to give you the information you need, in a space that’s quick and easy to access.  After all, this is what you told us you want; it’s what you’ve said you, as local officials and municipal employees, need.

We take the feedback you offer seriously, and we’re constantly evaluating what we can do to answer your questions, respond to your comments and provide solutions to your needs.

Is there something you want to read?  Something you need to know?  Shoot us an email or submit a request via the form below.