No Need to Backpedal for RAGBRAI!

Now that summer is officially here, that also means that RAGBRAI is right around the corner.

The RAGBRAI event brings thousands of new faces into our member towns and counties.  It also brings many activities that need to be addressed in advance to ensure this remains a safe and fun event for both the riders and individuals in your city. 

There are many things to consider from a loss control stand point if your town happens to get selected as a “pass through” town or an “overnight” destination.  The following are some of the key considerations, however; there are additional items to address that can be provided in the information packet available through RAGBRAI.

From a loss control standpoint:

  1. All primary roads on the bike route and at destination stops should be thoroughly inspected in advance and any cracks, pot-holes or uneven surfaces should be adequately repaired.  This also includes any sidewalks or walking surfaces.  These surfaces should also be cleaned and free of any loose gravel or foreign debris.
  2. A current and updated Emergency Response Plan should be in place and be coordinated with the designated Emergency Management Agency.  This plan should include designated emergency shelters in case of inclement weather.
  3. The local fire department and EMS should be fully aware of this event and ready to go in an emergency situation.
  4. All outside vendors participating in your city should provide certificates of insurance for their operation.  The city should obtain an accurate list of all items being sold.
  5. All food vendors should have a current Health Department Certificate in place and posted.
  6. All vendors selling alcohol should have a current liquor license in place to cover this event.  The location of the beer garden should be secured and monitored to prevent underage drinking or overdrinking.
  7. Adequate sanitary stations and garbage removal should be in place and monitored.
  8. All temporary electrical set ups should be inspected by a qualified electrical contractor. 
  9. The police/sheriff’s office should play an integral role with this event from the beginning to the end and a strong presence is good.
  10. All designated overnight campsites should be inspected and secured before the event.  All trees should be inspected and any loose or rotten branches should be properly removed.

Again, the items listed above are only a few of the areas that should be considered from a loss control standpoint for RAGBRAI.   If these items are in place along with other areas that need to be addressed, there should be no need to backpedal for RAGBRAI!  Everyone participating in in this event can have a safe and exciting time.