School's Out for the Summer!

After a cold winter and a drawn-out spring, it’s finally here.  Summer, here’s to looking at you. 

You bring the smell of fresh-cut grass; the sounds of kids hollering and splashing in the swimming pool; the cheers from the local ball fields; and so much more.

As much as I enjoy all of those things, I can’t help but hear an old saying as it comes to mind: “It’s all fun and games – until someone gets hurt.

I realize that makes me sound like a cynic, but, really, I’m not.

I am a parent, though, and, being one that is involved in the risk management sector, I see things a little differently nowadays.

Take this image, for example


I see...

cute little feet and well-placed playground fall material.

But what about this image?

I see...

my adorable kiddos (I know I’m biased!), a fun merry go-round and an accident waiting to happen!  

Not only is one of the horses no longer secure, a closer look also revealed a metal puncture and jagged plastic.  I watched more than a dozen children play on that merry-go-round during our short time at the park, and I couldn’t stop myself thinking, “someone is going to get hurt…”

I’ve already notified the local government of the damaged equipment, and I am confident accommodations – if not repairs – have already been made, but I still want to share this: if your entity has not already done so this month, get out and inspect your local parks and other recreational facilities.  A quick look over all equipment, fall materials, etc. might be all it takes. 

I say go out and do it now – before it’s too late!