Check Out My Loss Control Tips for a Safe Fourth of July!

As the weather gets warmer and the days get longer, the Fourth of July approaches.  In fact, it's right around the corner! 

Many ICAP members celebrate the event with parades, special festivities, food vendors, beer gardens and even fireworks.  All of these activities are fun; however, if not properly run or monitored, they can present a liability exposure.

Below, I address several of the most common Fourth of July activities from a Loss Control standpoint.  Best practices for these activities include:

  • Make sure the parade route is well laid out and clean of debris or road hazards.
  • Obtain waivers from all participants in the parade.  Make sure these include a hold harmless and indemnification clause.  Have legal counsel review all waivers.
  • Obtain certificates of insurance from all outside vendors and know what they are selling.
  • If inflatables are present, make sure they are inspected on an annual basis by a reliable vendor.  The vendor should set up, properly anchor, run and monitor the inflatables, as well as tear them down.
  • Require outside food vendors to provide a current Health Department Inspection Certificate.
  • If beer gardens are present, they should be adequately secured and monitored to prevent underage drinking or over drinking.  A current liquor license must be in place for this event.
  • Verify the local Police or Sheriff’s Department is be aware of this event and have a presence.
  • Fireworks should be conducted by a licensed qualified Pyro technique Company that is trained to do this operation.  The local fire department should be notified and aware of this event.

The Fourth of July is a fun holiday!  With proper Loss Control measures in place, it can not only continue to be a fun holiday, but also be a safe holiday for everyone!

Have a safe and happy holiday!