The Educational Summit - What to Expect!

If you’ve read any of our recent publications, you already know: ICAP’s 2017 Educational Summit is fast-approaching!  The annual event has grown year-over-year and, already, proven invaluable to the membership.  

Each year, we contract an outside presenter to review an issue that is timely and relevant to Iowa public entities.  This year, we’re covering four!  That’s four major topics that all fall under one umbrella: technology and your public entity.  

Each presentation will be custom-created and tailored to address the exposures and risk management needs of Iowa municipalities.  Attendees can expect to leave the event with invaluable information pertaining to:

  • Autonomous Vehicles (what should public entities expect, and what will these vehicles mean for the public);
  • Drones (is your entity’s usage in compliance with federal regulations? 
  • Cyber Security (are your municipal departments at risk?  And, if so, of what?)
  • Data Breach (what could a breach mean for your public entity, and what might it mean for your residents?)

We’re seeing registrations roll in, and are planning for the Pool’s largest Educational Summit yet!  It’s going to be one for the history books, and we recommend every ICAP member send someone to attend.

Based on presentation content and coverage trends, we’ll also be welcoming local agents as registrants of the event.  Not only will they benefit from the exposure and coverage information that will be presented, they’ll also receive four (4) continuing education credits for their attendance.

 Invite your agent to join you at the event, and visit this page to save your seats today!