We’re looking forward to the IMFOA Spring Conference This Week! Here’s Why.

From a personal perspective, we cannot wait to see everyone and catch up!  I can only speak for myself, but I'll say that I've developed some wonderful relationship with attendees and city clerks over the years, and I love getting to see everyone in person.  IMFOA is my chance!  Well, one of them, at least.

The conference gives me an opportunity to mingle with attendees; swap stories about families, activities and communities; and talk about the happenings and developments in member communities.

This is incredibly important, both for individual members and for the Pool.  Face-to-face interaction is essential, and these conversations are fundamental in making sure we, ICAP representatives, understand what you – our members – need.

If you’re going to be at the IMFOA Spring Conference, stop by and visit us at the ICAP booth!  Say hello, grab a pen, and tell us what’s new with you.  If you have a question pertaining to coverage or loss control, don’t be afraid to ask.  I can’t promise I’ll have an answer on-hand at the conference, but I can promise I’ll find one, and that someone from the ICAP team will be in touch to follow up.

Seriously, stop by our booth and let us know if there’s anything you need.  It’s what we do, and why we attend.  And it’s our promise to always be there for you.