Risk Control is an organized and continuous effort to prevent, reduce and decrease losses.   This is accomplished through the identification and analysis of risk and implementation of loss control measures, all with the help of ICAP’s risk control team, who have decades of experience in providing customized risk control services and training to Iowa’s public officials and employees to keep Iowa communities safe.

Through on-site visits, ICAP’s Risk Control Specialists are able to evaluate and assess a member’s unique exposures and offer customized recommendations and risk management techniques to help mitigate the potential for claims or losses.

During these visits, a Risk Control Specialist will not only evaluate property, but also discuss its exposure, use and potential for loss.  If necessary, recommendations regarding loss control, training and risk management are made as a result of these on-site visits.

These visits are automatically scheduled at least biannually for all ICAP members.  If you have a specialized need and require an on-site visit before that time, you may request assistance by completing the form below.

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